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in Decentraland 

Welcome to Cansy Land

Decentraland's favourite 1x1 Parcel

Limitless Possibilities




POAPs Delivered


NFT Drinks Served


Events Hosted

DCL Fashion

Sell Wearables

Amaze your buyers through a modern boutique that showcases your wearables in the best possible light.

Non-fungible token

Exhibit NFT Art

Throw a NFT drop party in our our pre-build Metaverse gallery, safe time and money.

Decentraland Native

Ready to Go

Host an unforgettable celebration. Our promise is to help you organize your event in Decentraland

Ready to get started?

Host Party

⎈ Display your NFTs
⎈ Link to your socials 
⎈ POAP dispenser

50 MANA /day

The full experience

⎈ Customize Venue
⎈ Customize SDK Code
⎈ Free NFT beverages 

50 MANA /day

+ 50 MANA /setup

Hire an Expert

⎈ We build for You
⎈ Professional Artist
⎈ Experienced Coders

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lifetime opportunity

Why DCL?

Decentraland is the biggest and one of the most popular Metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. Visited by thousands daily it developed as a major place to host NFT drops, launch Wearables and build solid communities around projects. 

If only it weren’t for a small detail…
It is expensive! Virtual land selling for $3.5 million and more is common. Even if you can afford to buy a plot of land, you still have to develop your property. By modelling the environment and coding the basic functionalities. Which takes time and allot of skills. 

the first MetaBeverage NFT brand


By building our Headquarter we had to overcome allot of challenges and limitations. Starting by learning how to create a low poly scene that is interesting and engaging at the same time.

Diving deep into the DCL SDK it got clear,  this is not a quick build. We have to maintain the property and keep up with all updates the developers bring us. At the same time we are promoting our events, and this can get overwhelming very quickly!

Thats why we decided to open up our venue for everyone with a dream to make it big in the Metaverse. You can use our place to host your NFT drop, launch a Wearables collection or just celebrate a special day. All this accompanied with free drinks (Cansy NFTs)

Amazing Venue. Great vibe. Incredible interior and layout. Outstanding gameplay, drink and NFT. Oh and very spacious parking lot. Cant ask for more :)

Crime Boss, Leader of the PCV


Cansy Land makes the best drinks in the metaverse!!!

multidisciplinary NFT artist


Experience unforgettable moments with your community.

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